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Pros and Cons of Surgery Hemorrhoids

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If you are planning surgery of piles, there are certain factors that you must consider. Surgery hemorrhoids can be painful and extremely debilitating if not handled with adequate care. There are several options available now to help people in getting rid of this painful condition. When a person with hemorrhoids reaches the advanced stage, it is necessary to consider alternatives that can relieve pain and complications. Surgery of piles seems to be just that solution you might be looking out for.

Description of Surgery Hemorrhoids

Surgery hemorrhoids are done at an outpatient unit or at the doctor’s office. In most of the cases, no anesthesia is required for the procedure.

It is possible to remove hemorrhoids surgically using several methods likes Rubber Band Ligation, Infrared or Laser Coagulation, Sclerotherapy or Hemorrhoidectomy. These are all minimally invasive treatment options that can be used according to the requirement of specific patients suffering from this condition.

Advanced Laser Surgery on Hemorrhoids

Laser surgery on hemorrhoids has evolved as one of the best and the most efficient techniques. It helps in curing piles form its roots. The unwanted bulge and inflammation will simply excise or vaporize with these methods of surgery hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids after surgery by laser are easily diminished without impairing any of the major functions. It is a rapid and accurate procedure in general.

With laser surgery on hemorrhoids, there are certain advantages that will not go unnoticed. Laser surgery does not require hospitalization; the treatment is therapeutic inherently; large incision is not required; no bleeding.

Pros of Surgery Hemorrhoids

In general there are many pros of all the methods of surgery of piles. Some of the noticeable ones are:

  • Surgery ensures highly satisfying results and ensures 80% relief from the symptoms
  • Long-term results are expected from the procedure.
  • Fewer complications and lesser pain.
  • Simple, fast and convenient as a method of treatment.
  • With laser surgery, less damage is caused to the tissues lying in the anal region.
  • Quick healing.

Cons of Surgery Hemorrhoids

There are some areas of cons that have been associated with surgery hemorrhoids. It has been observed that hemorrhoids after surgery are likely to come back due to various contributing reasons. However, it is very important to note that this recurrence can have a severe impact on health. Therefore, before going for any of the surgical options, it is very important to seek medical advice to understand whether or not a patient can actually afford to go for surgery.

  • Methods like Rubber Band Ligation cause extreme pain and suffering. Severe pain actually compels a patient to use pain killers.
  • Bleeding is common with some surgical options, though not all.
  • Rubber Band Ligation, in general, often leads to a typical complication called Necrotizing pelvic sepsis, which is a serious and rare complication.
  • Sclerotherapy is one surgery of piles that has the highest rate of recurrence.
  • There are many urological complications associated with Sclerotherapy too.
  • All methods of surgery are not suitable for the external hemorrhoids.
  • With laser surgery on hemorrhoids there is just one complain- recurrence rate is much higher than most of the other methods.

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